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How it all started... The tale of Balm, Babies and Beach days!

How it all started... The tale of Balm, Babies and Beach days!

The idea for my lip balm bracelet business came to me after a long day of beach fun on holiday, sitting around a campfire with friends when I  found myself without my lip balm and wishing for a more convenient and stylish way to carry it with me at all times. When we got back to our tent that night I said to my hubby, I have an amazing idea and spent the rest of the night thinking of the endless possibilities! (I didn't get a wink of sleep that night between my excitement and my 2 month old hehe). Over the next week I researched until my fingers cramped and discovered there was nothing else like it on the market. And just like that Get Balmy was born!  As a mom entrepreneur, starting my own business has given me the freedom to pursue my passion for creativity and design while also being able to spend more time at home with my husband, 19 month old son Jesse and soon to be baby girl. 

Combining fashion and functionality, I created a unique product that solves a common problem. My lip balm bracelets are not only a practical accessory, but they're also a fun and fashionable way to keep your lip balm always at hand. With a variety of designs to choose from, there is a lip balm bracelet to suit any style.

Being a mom in business can have its challenges, it’s a juggle and  trusting  the more I put in the more I will get out is tricky, but it's also incredibly rewarding when I see my little wins and successes. Running my own business has given me the flexibility to create a schedule that works for me and my family. As my family grows with the upcoming birth of my baby girl, so can my business, allowing me to adapt and evolve over time with help some help from my right hand man my hubby Sean (and hard work of course!!!) ;)

Starting a business also comes with a sense of community. I'm grateful for the positive feedback from satisfied customers and the support of fellow mom entrepreneurs. Being able to connect with other business owners and learn from their experiences has been invaluable.

Since starting my little business the excitement I get from every little win is such a high! I feel proud of the achievements, big and small, I’m growing, I’m learning, I’m creating and I’m loving it! I have my sights set on the stars and won’t stop until I get there. With my little family by my side fueling my fire to succeed for them, and absolutely for myself!

 To follow along on my journey join me here!


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